Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Single Man

Colin Firth stars in this period drama from first time director Tom Ford. It's 1962 and George Falconer has just lost his lover of 16 years in a car accident. Mr. Firth is excellent as George. He is in almost every scene and his subtle expressions, restraint of emotion, and driven purpose serve him well. He is a man swollen with grief who can't express his loss to the world. He formulates a plan and methodically goes about his business effectively hiding his pain from those around him.

Julianne Moore co-stars in what amounts to a cameo. She really shines in their major scene together but her part is becoming all too familiar to some of her more recent work. Contrast this to her work on 30 Rock and you can really appreciate her range as an actress.

Mr. Ford co-wrote the screenplay and directs the film with his fashion world eye for color and detail. His use of lighting and color literally express George's emotions for the viewer. He does tend to let the camera linger a bit too long which slows down the pace of the film but the character study of George Falconer and Mr. Firth's portrayal will keep you engrossed.

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