Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Wolfman

Benicio Del Toro channels Lon Chaney in this remake of the original horror classic. The film tries to remain faithful to the original but veers off course mixing bits of "American Werewolf In London" as well as "Werewolf of London" starring Oliver Reed.

Mr. Del Toro plays the tortured soul cursed by the bite of a werewolf along with Anthony Hopkins as his father, a man with a pretty obvious secret. Along for the hairy fun is Emily Blount and Hugo Weaving. Throw logic out the window when Ms. Blount, Fiancée to Mr. Del Toro's dead brother is instantly smitten with him and Mr. Weaving is conveniently setup for the sequel should there be one.

The film tries hard for chills and thrills but Danny Elfman's score is over the top with mood and menace and the cinematography is so black and blue, you would think the film itself was beaten by a beast. There's a nice mix of CGI as well as old fashioned makeup, courtesy of Rick Baker.

In the end, it's not a bad "popcorn" movie as it does have a pedigree cast trying hard to please but for today's over stimulated audiences, it's 'Ho Hum", another monster movie.

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