Monday, September 06, 2010


Based on his fake trailer, writer/director Robert Rodriguez crafts a film filled with mayhem, violence, girls with guns, nudity, explosions, lots of fake blood and Robert DeNiro. Sometimes a film like "Machete" is just what the doctor ordered. Designed like a '70's exploitation film, "Machete" is the type of film best enjoyed in a drive-in as a double feature with "Piranha 3-D".

This mindless "popcorn" movie is actually a lot of fun when you go in knowing what to expect and get exactly what you pay for. It's great to see character actor Danny Trejo finally get star billing and his hard, weather beaten look is just perfect for the title character. The supporting cast is really amazing. When will you ever see a film again with Robert DeNiro (as a sleazy, racist, senator), Steven Segal (as a Latin crime lord), Don Johnson (as a racist vigilante), and Lindsey Lohan (shooting up people dressed in a nun's habit)? The movie also stars Jeff Fahey, Jessica Alba, Michele Rodriguez and Cheech Marin as one character more outrageous than the next.

Lost in the mayhem is a point about immigration laws and illegal immigrants (mostly from Mexico) but "Machete" makes too much fun of itself to be taken seriously. This film is so over the top, it's halfway down the other side.

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