Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Town

Ben Affleck is developing a nice second career as a director. "The Town" doesn't have quite the character development of "Gone Baby Gone" but it's a taut crime drama with well done action sequences and some original moments.

Mr. Affleck directs himself and he is actually quite good as the bank robber with a conscience. Jeremy Renner, plays his childhood friend and partner in crime, "Gem" with a psychotic attitude and realistic menace. The film also stars Jon Hamm, as the FBI agent tracking them but it's hard to think of Mr. Hamm other than Don Draper from "Mad Men". He tries too hard to shed his signature character. Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively co-star as the women in Mr. Affleck's life and it's always good to see Pete Postlehwaite on screen, even if it's a minor role.

There are some exciting chase sequences through the streets of Boston and Fenway Park features prominently in the finale. The cinematography is crisp and for the most part, the editing is sharp. A definite recommendation.

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