Monday, February 21, 2011


Actor Richardo Darin (so good in "The Secret In Their Eyes" and "Nine Queens") returns in this Argentinian drama about an ambulance chasing lawyer who's tired of the insurance scams and is looking for a way out. When he meets a new doctor on the ambulance late shift, they begin a relationship that gives him hope for a better future. The doctor is played by Martina Gusman and while their relationship begins innocently enough, both discover they have secrets that will impact everything.

Approximately 8,000 people die every year in Argentina, according to the prologue and insurance fraud is a major industry preying on the victims and their families. The film, written and directed by Pablo Trapero, sheds light on these tragedies through a fictional story that cuts close to the truth. This is a dark drama fueled by the excellent work of Mr. Darin and Ms. Gusman. There is considerable bloodshed and the film is obviously in Spanish with subtitles but it's interesting subject matter and definitely worth the effort over the February Hollywood throwaways out there now.

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