Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Take a little "Wings of Desire", "City of Angels" and add in some "Monsters Inc." and you've got "The Adjustment Bureau". You anticipate a Sci-fi type thriller based on the trailer but what you really get is a love story layered with spiritual arguments of free will vs. pre-destiny.

Matt Damon stars as a man who "sees behind the curtain" and finds out his life is not really his own. He meets and falls in love with Emily Blunt but is told by his "adjusters", their life together is not meant to be. Defying God (The Chairman), he refuses to give up on their future together. This, in turn, angers John Slattery and Terrence Stamp, "adjusters" trying to keep Mr. Damon on his pre-destined course.

Mr. Damon and Ms. Blunt have genuine chemistry and you believe in their love. It's the only thing that keeps you interested as not much happens and the actions of the adjusters are just ridiculous. You'll leave the theater debating whether or not your own "book" has been written which may prompt more lively discussion than the film does. What holds your attention are the New York City locations and Mr. Damon's likable "everyman" acting. The premise is a good one but it's laughably executed.

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