Saturday, April 09, 2011


Saoirse Ronan plays the title character, "Hanna", in this new action thriller. Unfortunately, while she is fascinating to watch, the film doesn't really thrill. With a score by the Chemical Brothers and a few set action pieces, the film tries hard but it's a thin story that's violent and ultimately senseless.

Hanna is trained as a child to become an unbeatable assassin by her CIA rogue father, played by Eric Bana. They live in a secluded forest in Finland cut off from civilization. Completely naïve when it comes to human contact, Hanna is a stranger in a strange land once she makes that contact. All she knows how to do is survive and lives by the mantra "adapt or die".

Upon learning of her existence, CIA agent, Marissa, played by Cate Blanchett hunts Hanna and her father, worried that they will expose her past secret experiments. It's all flimsy nonsense about creating super soldiers with poor plot twists you can easily see coming. Marissa is a strange character, (she has a weird obsession with clean teeth) and she employs an even stranger character, Issacs, played by Tom Hollander to do her dirty work.

The only saving grace is Ms. Ronan, who continues to hone her acting with each new role. There is something magnetic about her and as Hanna, she equally balances her naivety with her killer instincts. It's hard not to root for her, even when nothing makes too much sense.

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