Saturday, April 02, 2011

Source Code

"Source Code" is a twisty action-thriller with elements of "Inception" and "Groundhog's Day". Directed by Duncan Jones, this is an exciting and suspenseful film that is anchored by a terrific Jake Gyllenhaal. His performance alone, sells the story.

When Mr. Gyllenhaal wakes up on a commuter train, he is in the body of another man. Initially confused, he slowly remembers why he is there. Sitting across from him is Michelle Monaghan, who once again plays the pretty love interest in peril. She has become quite adept at these roles and here, performs admirably. Apparently Mr. Gyllenhaal is a soldier taking part in a Government experiment to stop a terrorist from blowing up a train. As the audience, we learn along with him as plot points are slowly revealed.

Overseeing the experiment is Vera Farmiga as his "handler" and Jeffrey Wright as the creator of the "source code". There is a lot of sci-fi mumbo jumbo as to how the source code works but even if it goes over your head, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Beyond the four leads, the rest of the cast is fairly unknown so that makes figuring out the identity of the bomber all the more fun. Usually a name actor will make it pretty obvious but that's not the case here which really helps propel the story.

I can't say enough how natural and believable Mr. Gyllenhaal is in the role of Colter Stevens. He really makes you root for the character and believe the situation, even when it gets fairly unbelievable.

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