Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Best & Worst of 2011

Top 10 Films of 2011 (in Descending order)-
The fantastic Paul Giamatti continues his own winning streak with this terrific human comedy.
X-Men: First Class- First class all the way. Great script and well cast. This reboots the X-Men franchise.
Crazy Stupid Love- Smart script and very well acted by a terrific cast.
Moneyball- A very entertaining movie about the business of baseball. Brad Pitt has charisma to spare and Jonah Hill finally shows he can really act.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Excellent adaptation of the book. Rooney Mara was very good but I still liked Roomi Rapace better as Lisbeth in the Swedish version.
War Horse- Hope, survival and love through the eyes and actions of a magnificent horse, beautifully shot by Steven Spielberg.
The Descendants- Terrific drama about life’s complications. Alexander Paine does it again and with a great cast.
Incendies- Unforgettable foreign drama about a family with a mysterious past. Devastating and haunted me for months.
The Artist- Who would think a black & white silent film could be such an wonderful delight.
Hugo- The best use of 3-D since Avatar. Martin Scorsese directs a great cast in a wonderful love story to the movies.

Honorable Mention-
Horrible Bosses- A raunchy but hysterical comedy with a very funny Jennifer Aniston.
Melancholia- Beautifully photographed and orchestrated metaphor of depression. Kirsten Dunst’s best work and a triumph for Lars van Triers.
Take Shelter- A man losing his grip on reality…or is he?

Actors who were great but will be ignored come Oscar time-
Michael Shannon in “Take Shelter”
Dominick Cooper in “The Devil’s Double”

Top 10 Worst of 2012 (in descending order)-
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark- just this movie.
The Adjustment Bureau- Good chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt can’t save this disappointing story about destiny vs. free will.
Unknown- Silly Thriller with Liam Neeson that can’t be saved by a decent twist.
The Thing- A totally unnecessary remake.
Young Adult- marketed as a comedy, this is a train wreck of a movie that, despite good acting, sucks the life out of you.
The Rum Diary- Johnny Depp as a lifeless Hunter S. Thompson in a thin, fictional telling of his early reporting days in Puerto Rico.
Tower Heist- The audience gets robbed.
Your Highness- Aiming at teenage boys, it will hit its mark. For everyone else, it’s your lowness.
Drive- A very polarizing film. You either love it or hate it. I found it very disappointing. Long, boring and violent.
The Tree of Life- Another love it or hate it film. For my taste, it was more like The Tree of Slow Death. It looked great but boring and pretentious.

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