Saturday, June 30, 2012


   A  dumb but endearing comedy from the creator of "Family Guy", Seth McFarlane. "Ted" is an unusual buddy comedy about a 35 year old man who's best friend is a walking, talking teddy bear. If you are a "Family Guy" fan, you will love "Ted".  If you took Brian the animated talking dog from that show and switched him into a offensive CGI teddy bear in a real world, you would have Ted.

     This very R rated film begins when little John Bennett gets a cuddly teddy for Christmas. That night he wishes that "Teddy" can be real so he has a friend for life. Much to everyone's surprise, Teddy comes to life and 30 years later, he is still John's best friend although he has turned into a foul mouthed, stoner, know it all who has something irreverent to say about everything. 

     The adult John is played by Mark Wahlberg and he deserves a lot of credit for selling this ridiculous concept.  John is such a good, sweet guy that you buy into his life with Ted and really root for him to succeed. That's not so easy when he has a loser job and spends all his free time getting high with Ted. The one good thing thing in his life is his girlfriend, played by Mila Kunis.  Ms. Kunis, like Mr. Wahlberg, takes acting with a CGI bear very seriously. The film also stars Giovanni Ribisi and Joel McHale. Both play different sorts of sleazy characters, one who wants the bear and one who wants the girl.

     The dialogue is very funny at times, even if the story is completely absurd. With everyone taking their roles so seriously, it makes the concept that much funnier. Obviously a talking teddy bear can get away with offensive, insulting, filthy language and behavior. The city of Boston is in on the joke and plays background to John and Ted's adventures.  Boston girls, however, may take offense at some harsh humor directed at them.

      Mr. McFarlane wrote the screenplay, directed the film and is also the voice of Ted. He has a legion of loyal fans out there and they won't be disappointed. Everyone else should go knowing what to expect and definitely leave the kids at home

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