Sunday, July 01, 2012

Beasts of The Southern Wild

          A remarkable film that transports you to another world...the Louisiana tidal basin. "The Bathtub" as it's know by it's inhabitants is filled with fascinating characters, in particular, six year old "Hushpuppy" and her harsh but loving father "Wink". The film is filled with beautiful imagery and incredible acting, especially Quvenzane Wallis as "Hushpuppy". Words just can't describe the depth and maturity of this little girl's performance.

            It's heartbreaking to realize people truly live like this but from their perspective, it's the only life they know and they make the best of it, through the good times and bad. "Wink" is an obvious drunk who borders on child abuse and yet, there are moments of such tenderness between father and daughter that it takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster ride. When a major storm threatens along with more personal tragedy, "Hushpuppy" must learn to face her demons (yes, this six year old has demons) and become stronger for it. 

             The cinematography is beautiful and at times, it's as if you are watching a documentary rather than a scripted film. The characters are real, the location is real but there is such a magical quality to everything, it's like nothing you've seen before. This is very much an "Indie" film that will probably never play wide so seek it out and spend some quality time in "The Bathtub".

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