Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trouble With The Curve

      Otherwise know as "Trouble With This Movie", this plodding "baseball" film is more about a father/ daughter therapy session than baseball. Clint Eastwood plays Gus, the baseball scout losing his eyesight when he needs it most. Amy Adams is his daughter, Mickey, a successful lawyer who leaves in the middle of a big deal to help out her dad. Watching these two work out their issues with baseball as a metaphor is like watching paint dry. Justin Timberlake is introduced as a love interest for Mickey and his acting here is as wooden as a Louisville slugger.

       Mr. Eastwood plays a gruff old man which at this stage in his life is not much of a stretch and while Ms. Adams is a terrific actress, the material lets her down and she barely rises above it. The story is so obvious and predictable, you just can't wait for it to end. When the villainous characters gets payback, it's the most satisfying thing in the film but you see it coming like a slow pitch softball and it lessens the impact.

         The film costars Matthew Lillard at his most stereotypical and John Goodman who looks like he's spent too much time at the concession stand. Much like the NY Mets this year, "Trouble With The Curve" is a big disappointment.

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