Saturday, October 06, 2012

Room 237

      One of the strangest documentaries you will ever see and a must for fans of "The Shining".

           Over the years, rumors have been rampant that director Stanley Kubrick had placed hidden messages throughout "The Shining" to represent it's true intentions. Director Rodney Ascher focuses on five of the most interesting theories surrounding Mr. Kubrick's subliminal meaning. The film explores theories of American Indian genocide, The Holocaust, the faking of the Apollo 11 moon landing and more.

            Rather than just interview his subjects, Mr. Ascher opts for a unique approach. Using visuals from all of Mr. Kubrick's films (as well as others) to serve as a backdrop for the audio, the film takes on a life of it's own in a fascinating way. The result makes for many humorous scenes and  amazing moments of cinema and as the film progresses, the conspiracy theories become more and more credible. Repetitive clips from "The Shining" dominate the footage and yet you never lose interest because the same scenes take on new meaning when each of the various theories are discussed throughout the film.

              This is not a film for a casual viewer but conspiracy fans, fans of Mr. Kubrick, and of course, "The Shining" itself, will have a great time and have you rushing home to watch the original film again in a whole new way.

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