Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

        The fifth installment in a series that should have quit after two. The only thing remaining in the spirit of the original "Die Hard" is Bruce Willis's smirk. The plot (or what passes for a plot) moves the story to Moscow for a ridiculous story linking Russian villains and the Chernobyl disaster from 26 years ago. To most, Mr. Willis will be the only recognizable face in the film, which co-stars Jai Courtney (best know for cable TV's "Spartacus"). 

         Mr Courtney plays Jack McClane, Mr Willis's son, who as it turns out is a CIA operative in Moscow, unbeknownst to Mr. Willis. The fact that Mr. Willis doesn't know this is only the first of a series of poor plot points. Wounds heal miraculously, weapons appear just when they are needed and villains continue to talk (or in this case, dance) instead of shoot when  the heroes are captured.

        Aside from watching an infinite amount of vehicles being destroyed early on and a transport helicopter blown up later on, there's nothing here to hold your attention. Even a good joke about "a vacation" is wasted when repeated constantly. And don't even get me started on the rest of the bad dialogue.

         Yippee Kay Ay, this one dies easy.

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