Monday, February 18, 2013


      Donald Westlake's anti-hero "Parker" has been played in the past by Lee Marvin and Mel Gibson. Now it's Jason Statham's turn and he makes the most of it in this action thriller. The story is fairly simple. Parker is a thief who is double crossed by his crew on a job. Left for dead, he manages to survive and seeks revenge.

       The Florida locations are beautiful and so is co-star Jennifer Lopez, who is surprisingly good as a real estate agent who gets involved with Parker. This is easily her best role since "Out of Sight" with George Clooney.  A nice twist in the plot is that Ms. Lopez is not a love interest but rather becomes a partner of sorts for Parker. The central villain in the film is played convincingly by Michael Chiklis.

        Mr. Statham is known for his fighting skills and action sequences and while "Parker" has fewer of them than most of his films, there are still some exciting moments. A fight sequence in a Miami high-rise is a highlight. By the time you read this, the film has probably left the theaters but its worth your time on video if you are a fan of either Mr. Statham or Ms. Lopez.

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