Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warm Bodies

    Yes, it's another zombie movie but it has a clever twist. "Warm Bodies" asks the question, what if zombies still have a shred of humanity buried within them and still maintain memories? Nicholas Hoult stars as "R", a teenage zombie who spends his life shuffling around an airport in search of human flesh. R speaks to the audience in voice over, explaining his situation but is definitely undead.

      Like most zombie movies, its never explained why the planet has become over run with zombies but of course there is always a small band of humans left trying to survive. When Julie, played by Theresa Palmer ventures out on a supply run with her boyfriend and a few others, they are attacked by R and other zombies. It's at this point, our twist is set in motion and the story becomes rather clever. Of course, it's an obvious zombie take on Romeo and Juliet when R and Julie fall in love but it's all in good fun when love literally sparks life. 

        Ms. Palmer and Mr. Hoult are both very attractive teen actors and have good chemistry together. In a bit of strange casting, John Malkovich is Julie's dad and the leader of the humans. This is not the usual type of film you would expect to find John Malkovich but I guess every actor needs a regular paycheck. Rob Corddry, on the other hand is perfect as R's zombie "best friend"... for lack of another term.

          "Warm Bodies" is probably already gone from theaters by now as the Spring crop of films begin to arrive but it's worth a viewing paired with "Night of The Living Dead".

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