Saturday, April 06, 2013


          The latest film from director Danny Boyle messes with your mind from the very start. Most thrillers stick the twist in the middle or at the end but "Trance" starts right out with a twist and keeps you guessing for the rest of the film.

         The film stars James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Rosario Dawson. Mr. McAvoy works in an auction house and Mr. Cassel is a thief who wants to steal a valuable painting. Ms. Dawson's character is better left unsaid to avoid spoiling the fun.

         Mr. Boyle sets the story in motion rather nicely and the film gets off to a quick and exciting start.  The film bogs down in the middle, caught in it's attempt to be too smart for it's own good and the audience suffers for it. It makes a decent recovery in the last act but unless you've been totally won over by the premise, it ends as a disappointment.

         Mr. Boyle's films always have great editing and music. "Trance" is no different.  The song choices are terrific and the editing, especially with this plot, really makes a difference. It's just too bad the script asks too much of it's audience and then has a major character explain everything just to make sure you don't walk out totally confused.

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