Friday, April 26, 2013


       What an appropriate title for the latest Tom Cruise snooze fest. This new sci-fi adventure is like instant hot cereal. Just add elements from other classic sci-fi films, add Tom, heat and serve.

        The first hour could be best summed up as watching "Top Gun" if it took place way in the future as Mr. Cruise flies around in a cool helicopter, shooting flying copies of R2D2. Earth, we come to find out has been destroyed. Mr. Cruise and his co-star, Andrea Riseborough spend their days making sure all of the planet's water is siphoned off safely to holding tanks for Earth's survivors on Titan.  We are basically watching a remake of "Wall-E" with live actors.

         Things pick up in the second hour with the introduction of a mysterious earth woman (Olga Kurylenko) and the ubiquitous appearance of Morgan Freeman. The special effects are well done but why do we always see remnants of The Statue of Liberty, The Washington Monument, The Brooklyn Bridge, and The Empire State building in every disaster movie? Aren't there other recognizable landmarks to choose from?

          For some strange reason, Melissa Leo thought appearing in this mess was a good idea. She dos play it safe though as she filmed her scenes from home using Facetime on an iPad.

          Of course if you are the type of person who enjoys watching Mr. Cruise grimace, square his jaw and shoot things for two hours, then "Oblivion" is for you.

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