Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Heat

 After a promising '70s style credit sequence, this new film from Director Paul Feig quickly falls into a stereotypical, mismatched buddy comedy with a standard formula. The lazy plot and direction are only saved by the great chemistry of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

     Ms. Bullock plays the buttoned-up, smug, FBI agent, Sarah Ashburn and Ms. McCarthy plays the sloppy, foul mouthed but street smart detective, Shannon Mullins. Its standard buddy comedy 101 where each character ends up a better person for working together.

      The film takes place in Boston and there is ample opportunity to make fun of Detective Mullins's stereotyped Irish family. Most of the laughs come from Ms. McCarthy foul mouth and the film doesn't hide from plenty of gutter humor. But I must admit, there is plenty of very funny dialogue in the film.

        Ms. Bullock is a fine actress, playing comedy as well as drama and she always seems to elevate the material but here she doesn't even try and instead lets go and just has fun playing off Ms. McCarthy.

          This one has sequel written all over it, which, with a stronger plot will probably make an even better film. I can see it now..."The Heat 2: Even Hotter"

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