Friday, August 16, 2013

Only God Forgives

      And I thought "Drive" was bad. This new film from writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn makes his last film look like an Academy Award winner. What was star Ryan Gosling thinking? For that matter what was co-star Kristin Scott Thomas thinking? Right now, this has to be the top candidate for worst movie of the year.

      Odd artsy lighting, little dialog, long slow scenes where nothing happens and then random acts of gory violence...about sums up the film. What passes for a plot involves Mr. Gosling's character, Julian who is involved in the criminal underbelly of Bangkok. When his brother is murdered, his foul mouthed mother ( Ms. Scott Thomas) shows up looking for revenge. There is also a sword wielding cop who likes to sing in a nightclub. He haunts Julian in his dreams and then there is an actual confrontation.

       You can't say Mr. Gosling acts in this film. He barely moves or strings two sentences together. Ms. Scott Thomas is so far against type, she comes off absolutely ridiculous in an unbelievable role. I can't think of anything in this film worthy of a positive comment.

       The title is appropriate as only God would probably forgive Mr. Winding Refn for this waste of 90 minutes.

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