Sunday, September 01, 2013

The World's End

       Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back to save the world. Working together with writer/director Edgar Wright (Mr. Frost also co-wrote the script), the same team that brought us "Shaun of The Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" return with a new comedy that's two films in one.

        "The World's End" starts out as a buddy comedy, when five childhood friends reunite to finish a pub crawl that they had started years ago as teens. They have all gone in different directions but Mr. Pegg's character, Gary King rounds them all up for one night of camaraderie and lots of drinking. 

           The friends are played by Mr. Frost, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsdan, and Paddy Considine. Roseamund Pike co-stars as Mr. Freeman's sister, Samantha. It's a top notch ensemble cast in what begins as a comedy with heart but dramatically shifts gears in the second half of the film into an all out science fiction romp.

            There are many terrific one-liners and funny moments but when the film shifts, it loses focus and falls apart. It's as if Mr. Wright and Mr. Frost ran out of story and decided that alien pod people and total chaos would provide a good cover masking the fact they didn't know how to finish what they started. If you have a few pints yourself before seeing the film, that won't make much difference and it will probably all seem hysterically funny right to the credits.

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