Sunday, September 01, 2013


      This is the new film from writer/director Neill Blomkamp, who's first film, "District 9"  was a breath of fresh air in in the science fiction genre. "Elysium" doesn't have the same impact but is still an an enjoyable sci-fi adventure.

       The film is set in the not to distant future where the Earth has been reduced to polluted rubble for millions and the elite class live off world in a giant orbiting space station known as "Elysium". It's a man-made paradise where disease has been eradicated by special machines.

        Matt Damon stars as "Max", a former criminal now trying to build a meager life on Earth until an accident at work gives him a reason to find a quick way to "Elysium". Jodie Foster also stars as the cold blooded head of security on the space station. The film features Diego Luna as Max's best friend, and Sharlto Copley as a ruthless mercenary working for Ms. Foster.  The acting is about what you would expect. Mr. Damon is a strong lead, Ms. Foster doesn't really work too hard and Mr. Copley makes a fine villain (a change from his starring role in "District 9").

         The sets on earth look leftover from "District 9" but the robots and spacecraft effects are well done. The story is familiar, class struggle, but Mr. Damon's motives begin selfishly and he becomes a reluctant hero for the masses.

          The film is being shown in IMAX 3-D which is totally unnecessary in order to enjoy it. Save your extra money and see the regular version. 

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