Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

          Cashing in on a familiar character, author Tom Clancy's  hero is rebooted back to his roots in this new spy thriller. Many notable actors have already worn Jack Ryan's shoes and now it's Chris Pine's turn. This time out he is joined by Kevin Costner as his CIA recruiter  and Keira Knightly as his love interest. Kenneth Branagh does double duty as the lead villain and the film's director.

            Even before the opening credits, the film jumps ahead 4 times through various time periods and then settles in for a fairly boring hour with much exposition to explain the plot. There is one exciting fight sequence to keep the audience involved. In the second hour, the action intensifies and builds to a fairly exciting finale.

           Mr Pine does an admirably job moving from analyst to operative and it's good to see Mr. Costner back on screen comfortable in a supporting role. Ms. Knightly struggles hard to keep her American accent but does have chemistry with Mr. Pine. 

           This is a perfectly serviceable espionage film but it definitely has that post holiday "let's throw it out there in January" feel to it.

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