Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lone Survivor

     The title kind of gives it away but this film is about the journey, not the destination. Based on a true memoir of a combat mission gone horribly wrong, this is a very realistic recreation of that mission.

      When a 4 man team consisting of actors Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster,  Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch are dropped on a mountainside in Afghanistan to find a Taliban terrorist leader, their mission is compromised and they end up fighting their way out. Once the battle starts you will completely forget you are watching actors and get caught up in the life and death struggle of four Navy Seals.

      Director Peter Berg gets the details right using the surviving Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, as his consultant. His cast of testosterone filled actors faithfully recreate every cut, bruise, bullet and break for almost two hours. It is not an easy film to watch but it serves as a fitting memory to the men who lived and died on the mission.

       It is a heartbreaking but important film. It provides a safe glimpse into a war zone, we civilians can only imagine. 

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