Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Million Ways to Die in The West

   If you are expecting this generation's Blazing Saddles, you will be disappointed. Although there is one scene that completely out grosses the famous campfire scene in that classic. Writer/ director Seth McFarlane straddles the line between a sweet comedic story and outright crude silliness never really committing to either one. 


   There are some good laughs, especially due to surprise cameos but Mr.McFarlane would have been better served letting someone else direct his material. He overplays too many jokes and they lose their effectiveness. He is also obsessed with western vistas as scene after scene of endless wide angle background shots go on forever. I get the satire of a few shots but they just keep coming with no discernible end. 


     It's a fun cast that seem to be enjoying themselves as well as serving the audience. Some of the scenes between Charlize Theron and Mr.McFarlane appear improvised and they crack each other up quite a bit. Liam Neeson makes a good villain and Sarah Silverman is perfectly cast as a foul mouthed prostitute...with good Christian morals (you will understand when you see it). Neil Patrick Harris steals every scene he is in besides stealing the heart of Amanda Seyfried.


     I could have done without the few racist jokes (although one in very poor taste is redeemed during the credits). Fans of Seth McFarlane will find the film critic proof and probably hysterically funny. I thought it could have been funnier.

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