Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

     Director Doug Liman really knows how to hold your interest. This new action adventure is a science fiction "Groundhog's Day" and it easily could have become repetitive and silly. In Mr. Liman's capable hands however, he manages to keep things fresh and moving despite the repetitive nature of the story. 

      The most important element to it's success however is it's star. Tom Cruise is just terrific in one of his best roles in years. Here he plays against type to start and grows into the hero role guided by his equally terrific co-star, Emily Blunt. Mr. Cruise is at his most charming and yet conveys a genuine vulnerability we usually don't see in his action films. Ms. Blunt has come a long way from "The Devil Wears Prada" becoming an action hero in her own right. 

      The film co-stars Bill Paxton as a tough talking sergeant stuck in Mr. Cruise's repetitive loop as well as Brendon Gleeson as the General who sets things in motion. Noah Taylor plays the requisite scientist who knows the truth and how to defeat the enemy. There is also a ragtag group of soldiers all played by fresh faced actors that support Mr. Cruise.


 The special effects are quite good and the film is fast paced and very exciting. The premise is a bit far fetched by this is a summer blockbuster so just go with it. You will be very entertained.

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