Monday, July 07, 2014

Obvious Child

   Comedian and actor Jenny Slate steps into the spotlight starring in this new comedy and she shines brightly. Her character, Donna Stern works in a bookstore during the day and does stand-up comedy at night. When her boyfriend dumps her,  Donna's life begins to take unexpected turns.

    Sometimes laugh out loud funny and sometimes heartbreaking, the film is always honest, and it is Ms. Slate that drives the raw comedy and emotions of the film.  Director Gillian Robespierre also wrote the screenplay and directing from her own material really helps keep the story grounded and brings out the natural performances from her cast.

     The film co-stars Gabby Hoffman as Donna's best friend, and Polly Draper and Richard Kind as her parents. But the film completely belongs to Ms. Slate who balances vulnerability and strength in an uncompromising performance. 

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