Friday, July 25, 2014

Sex Tape

     Cameron Diaz has sunk to a new low starring with Jason Segel in this raunchy but boring comedy. The subject is appropriate for the times. What if you made an amateur sex tape for your own enjoyment but it leaked onto the internet and you tried to retrieve it? The antics of this married couple to get back the video are meant to be funny but the script fails horribly.

      Aside from the sex tape itself ( of which we see "R" rated bits and pieces)' there is little action. The film is all exposition and terrible dialogue. There is only one mildly amusing sequence at the home of Ms. Diaz's boss, played by Rob Lowe. It starts out creepy, gets stranger and stranger but the weirder it gets, the funnier it somehow becomes.  Pay close attention to all the paintings. The laughs during this sequence involving Mr. Segel come at the expense of simulated violence to a German Shepard which I only enjoyed because Mr. Segel is on the losing end of the encounter.

         The film had promise...a good cast and an interesting premise. It's a shame it falls apart quickly and never really recovers. Even a cameo by a particular comedic actor late in the film can't save it.

          Life should have imitated art. Someone should have deleted the film before it showed up in theaters.

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