Sunday, March 29, 2015

While We're Young

         The newest film from writer/director Noah Baumbauch is a smart, biting comedy about the state of our culture today. It's a generational clash of Millennials and Generation X with a few Babyboomers thrown in for good measure.

          Ben Stiller (who defined a generation with "Reality Bites") and Naomi Watts are a married childless couple in their 40's who befriend a young "hipster" couple played by Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver.  The new relationship invigorates the older couple and confuses friends of their own age including Mr. Stiller's best friend played by Adam Horovitz. Charles Grodin plays Ms. Watts father, a famous documentarian.

          The film is similar in style and structure to the best of Woody Allen's "Smart " comedies. A lot of the humor is observational and there are many stinging one-liners. Mr. Stiller is perfectly cast (he can do this type of character in his sleep) and here has good chemistry with Ms. Watts. Mr. Driver's character is not far off the mark from "Adam", the character he plays on "Girls". While I'm a fan of his work, I'm still waiting to see the full extent of his range. Mr. Grodin still has the wonderful dry sense of humor he's always been famous for.  Of all the leading characters, only Ms. Seyfried seems underwritten with little to do.

           As a Babyboomer, I found myself feeling old watching "Young" as it is a true reflection of our times. It's enjoyable enough but in a strange way, also a bit scary.

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