Sunday, March 15, 2015

It Follows

   What starts out as a conventional teen horror film soon swerves into new territory with the help of an unusual evil, atmospheric music, and a cast that sells the concept.

    Jay, a 19 year old girl has  sex with the wrong boy. She contracts, not a STD but rather an unstoppable creature bent on killing her. The creature can assume any human form and only be seen by the intended victim or earlier targets that have survived by passing the curse along through sexual contact. It sounds like an outrageous concept but the young cast acts with conviction and really sells the idea.

      The film has an eerie quality throughout heightened by a terrific horror score, the best since the original "Halloween".  Writer/director David Robert Mitchell  does an outstanding job with his actors, including Maika Monroe and Keir Gilchrist. 

      The creature, as seen in various human forms, simply walks slowly advancing on it's target. It enters a scene in unassuming ways making it all the more terrifying as it draws closer, it's intent very clear.

        Mr. Mitchell is not interested in blood and gore, of which there is very little, but rather scaring his audience in unconventional ways. Leaving the theater unnerved, I would say he succeeds.

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