Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best and Worst of 2016

Top 10

The Handmaiden- Visually stunning, exciting, perverse, dramatic, humorous, surprising and erotic. You can’t take your eyes off the screen.
The Witch- highly original and very scary in a minimalist way.
Hacksaw Ridge- Tremendous World War II true story of courage under fire with remarkable battles sequences.
Manchester by the Sea- fantastic acting in a sad, sad story without a false note.
Hidden Figures- Uplifting true story of the African American women that helped the Space program
Moonlight- unique glimpse into a black American experience that is captivating and extremely moving.
The Man Who Knew Infinity- Little known true story of an Indian math genius that is remarkable and features fine acting by Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons.
Zootopia- Animated story that is hysterically funny, visually stunning and slyly gives a great morality lesson.
Captain Fantastic- Highly original and offbeat tale of a father raising his six kids in a very unconventional way.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- Exists beautifully between episodes 3 & 4 of Star Wars. Even though you know the outcome this sci-fi war/heist movie is a great ride.

Honorable Mention
Miss Sloane
Hell or High Water
Sing Street
Florence Foster Jenkins

Bottom 10
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- a boring mess
The Legend of Tarzan- Did anyone see this besides me?
The Girl on the Train- Just ridiculous
Allied- could it be any less boring or unsexy
Hail Caesar- rare miss by the Coen Brothers but great dance number with Channing Tatum.
Midnight Special- a disappointment by Jeff Nichols but he redeemed himself with “Loving”.
Miles Ahead- Don Cheadle would have been better off with a different director and a better script.
Demolition- What they should have done to the film.
War Dogs- not terrible but overindulgent
The Magnificent Seven- Boring remake. Just an excuse for actors to play cowboy. You don’t mess with the classics.

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