Monday, December 26, 2016


    A true story, Saroo Brierley is a young Indian boy of five who is separated from his brother and ends up lost to his family. Twenty five years later, he begins a search to find his original home and family, after being raised by adoptive Australian parents. The film certainly has it's share of emotional moments and makes quite a statement for the thousands of children lost in India every year.

      Saroo, as a boy is played by Sunny Pawar and he is smart and adorable. He is an expressive and impressive young talent. As an adult, Saroo is played by Dev Patel, already a seasoned young actor who is always interesting to watch. His adoptive parents are played by Nicole Kidman and David Wenham. Rooney Mara's talent is wasted as Saroo's girlfriend in a supporting role. The other Indian actors who play his biological mother and siblings, along with his adoptive brother Mantosh are all excellent. Another "co-star" is Google Earth, which plays a big part in the story.

      Since it is based on a true story, the anguish of young Saroo's separation and loss is soon replaced by the happiness of his very lucky adoption. The Brierley's have a reasonable amount of wealth and they raise the boy in a wonderful home environment. It is only after the adult Saroo has a moment of awakening to find his real family does the film take another turn. It is a seemingly impossible task for him to find his home and his frustration begins to cause cracks with those close to him.

        Mr. Patel is an engaging actor and it's easy to become emotionally involved in Saroo's search in the second half, and young Mr. Pawar captures your heart from the very start.  In these trying times, "Lion" is a welcome ultimately uplifting film.

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