Monday, January 01, 2007

Best And Worst of 2006


10) 13 Tzameti- Excellent yet disturbing film commenting on the decadence of man and how low we can go.
9) Little Children- Desperate Housewives meets Happiness. Strong work from Kate Winslet and a heartbreaking Jackie Earl Haley.
8) The Departed- Excellent crime drama from Martin Scorsese. Great work from a great cast and an American version of a Asian hit that actually worked.
7) The Queen- Helen Mirren is brilliant as Queen Elizabeth dealing with the death of Princess Diana and Britain's complicated relationship with the royal family.
6) Babel- Terrific human drama connected by a single element dealing with both intimate and global issues.
5) Apocalypto- Say what you want about Mel Gibson, he’s a great filmmaker. This is a well crafted, exciting, powerful adventure and a wild ride.
4) The Proposition- Gritty and realistic Australian western with beautiful cinematography and great acting by Guy Pearce, Danny Houston and Ray Winstone. It recalls early Sam Peckinpah.
3) Crime Novel- Brilliant Italian film about three friends who become notorious gangsters in Rome during the 70’s.
2) Flags of Our Fathers/Letters From Iwo Jima- Excellent individual films examining themes from the same battle from American and Japanese perspectives. Taken together, a masterpiece on the futility of war.
1) Pan’s Labyrinth- Simply amazing. A perfect blend of fantasy and reality creates a captivating and remarkable adult fairy tale.

Honorable Mention

Man Push Cart
Little Miss Sunshine
The Illusionist
Casino Royale
The Last King of Scotland
United 93
Inside Man


10) The Fountain- Full of leaks. A metaphysical mess.
9) Poseidon- Used the wave from "The Perfect Storm" to do a lame remake.
8) All The King’s Men- Sean Penn tries to keep it interesting but dull and miscast remake.
7) Crank- Bad live action road runner cartoon.
6) V For Vendetta- P for Pretentious.
5) Running With Scissors- Some strong acting but depressing story and non-likable characters. Good 70’s soundtrack though.
4) Kettle of Fish- terrible comedy with miscast Gina Gershon and Matthew Modine.
3) The Omen- Shot for shot remake without the suspense. Rent the original.
2) The Wicker Man- Lame, lame, lame remake of the British cult thriller. Rent the original.
1) Lady In The Water- The worst movie of the year. What were actors like Paul Giamatti and Jeffrey Wright thinking? Shyamalan sinks to new depths.

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