Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Notes on Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations were revealed this morning and while most were expected, there were still a few surprises. Taking a look at each major category-

Lead Actor- Only surprise here was that Leonardo DeCaprio got nominated for Blood Diamond rather than The Departed, which was the far better film and role for him. He couldn't even keep his accent straight in Blood Diamond. Nice to see Ryan Gosling get recognized for Half Nelson, a terrific Indy drama. Early favorite to win- Forest Whitaker for Last King of Scotland.

Supporting Actor- No surprises here. I'd love to see Jackie Earl Haley win for a fearless role in Little Children. This is a tough one though.

Lead Actress- No surprises here either. Helen Mirren should be a lock.

Supporting Actress- Nice to see Abigail Breslin get the nom for Little Miss Sunshine but this is a lock for Jennifer Hudson.

Best Animated Film- Strong choices and I hope Cars runs over the cute penguins of Happy Feet

Best Foreign Film- Pan's Labyrinth should run away with it but could be upset by The Lives of Others. I'm pulling for Pan.

Best Director- A very tough category as all nominees are extremely strong. Personally I'd go with Clint Eastwood but many think this is Martin Scorsese's year.

Best Film- Probably the toughest choice to make. All five nominations are well deserved. babel took the Golden Globe but I think it's going to come down to a fight between Clint & Marty again. I'd like to give the edge to Letters From Iwo Jima but Departed may just take it.

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