Thursday, January 04, 2007

For Your Consideration

Christopher Guest's latest comedy, while not up to the high standards of his earlier work, is still a fun send-up of Hollywood with solid work from his usual ensemble of actors, including Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy (who co-wrote the film with Guest), Parker Posey and Harry Shearer.

The story concerns a small budget film, "Home For Purim", starring Ms. O'Hara's character, Marilyn Hack. When a tiny article appears on the internet calling her work "Oscar Worthy", a buzz begins to grow about the film and it's stars. Soon, Oscar buzz is growing not only for Ms. Hack, but for Mr. Shearer's character as well as Ms. Posey's. Producers, publicists, managers, and TV talk show hosts all get in on the growing buzz which builds towards the actual day nominations are announced.

The rest of the large cast, including some fun cameos all contribute to the satiric script. Fred Willard and Jane Lynch, in particular, are very funny as a clueless "Entertainment Tonight" duo. There are many laugh out loud moments but the subject matter may be too much of an inside joke to the general public.

"For Your Consideration" has all but disappeared from theaters but is definitely worth checking out in a few months when it hits DVD.

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