Saturday, June 28, 2008


Check your logic at the door and strap yourself in for quite a ride. "Wanted" borrows liberally from the stunt work begun in "The Matrix" but raises the bar considerably.

James McAvoy plays Wes, a nobody in a dead-end cubicle job who is recruited by Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman into a secret society of assassins. The plot is secondary to the action and there is plenty of it. Ms. Jolie basically plays the same role as she did in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" only with more of an edge. Mr. McAvoy is well cast as the assassin in training who slowly comes to believe in himself.

The stunt work is nothing short of spectacular and you will do yourself a disservice if you don't see this on a big screen. An early car chase is breathtaking and a train crash later on, while just impossible to believe, is still amazing to watch.

"Wanted" is a perfect action packed summer "popcorn" movie.

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