Monday, June 09, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

I was sucker punched by a pretty funny trailer. There's no need to mess with The Zohan as it's already a mess. By far the crudest and most pointless Adam Sandler comedy yet. I wish I could say the film has some potential but, from the start, it's horrible and goes downhill from there.

The film is jammed with star cameos that are completely wasted, except a pretty funny line from Mariah Carey. The point of the film, can't we all just get along, is buried in bad taste Arab and Israeli jokes. Countless penis and crotch jokes, sex with senior citizens, the abuse of an cat (thankfully an obvious fake) and Lannie Kazan's bare rear-end will have you running from the theater.

Personally I never walk out on a film. I'd hate for someone to tell me the last ten minutes were pure genius. No worries here. Save your money and don't even walk in.

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