Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex And The City

I admit it. I'm in touch with my feminine side and enjoyed this series very much. The film is a very satisfying visit with old friends.

Michael Patrick King does a nice job mixing the various sub-plots of Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte while still keeping Carrie in the spotlight. The girls have aged a bit and are all dealing with various new issues but King doesn't stray too far from the box and keeps everything very familiar.

The cast wear their characters like their wardrobe...fabulous, and all your favorite supporting players turn support. New York still sparkles like the fairytale version depicted on the TV series.

Half the fun of watching the film in a theater is listening to the audience reactions during the screening. Besides the expected laughing and crying, you'll probably hear many comments you weren't expecting and much of it is unintentionally very funny.

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