Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagle Eye

Apart from his acting skills, Shia LeBeouf can really run. He's run in "Transformers", "Indiana Jones", and "Disturbia" (limited in range due to ankle bracelet). He's making a career out of running and in "Eagle Eye", he's at the top of his running game.

This is an exciting chase film that leaves much logic behind but is action packed and very suspenseful. It's a perfect Indian summer popcorn movie. Besides Mr. LaBeouf, the film stars Michelle Monaghan (his running "partner"), Billy Bob Thornton (the FBI agent running after him), Rosario Dawson ( the Military agent running after everyone), and Michael Chiklis (the Secretary of Defense who doesn't run at all but he does enough running on "The Shield").

The film borrows liberally from movies like "Enemy of The State", "any Bourne film, the last "Die Hard", "Wargames" and especially the 60's film, "Collosus:The Forbin Project" but still manages to put a spin on current technology and character twists and turns. Like it's lead character, it's not that smart but still fun to watch. One thing is for certain, you will leave the theater with a high level of paranoia.

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