Saturday, September 06, 2008


This suspenseful new film explores what makes a terrorist and questions loyalty and religion with a conflicted lead character intelligently played by Don Cheadle.

As the film opens we meet Mr. Cheadle's character, Samir Horn as he is selling weapons to an unnamed terrorist group. Samir is a Muslim who's father was killed by a car bomb and his motives may not be all them seem. Soon he finds himself being pursued by two FBI agents played by Guy Pierce and Neal McDonough.

The action moves globally and makes for quite the travelogue as the two agents chase Horn around the world in an attempt to stop further acts of terrorism. There are some major twists that we've seen before in other films but they are used very effectively here and the film ratchets up the suspense as the terrorists plan an attack on US soil.

"Traitor" is an effective thriller heightened by the always excellent Don Cheadle. It's an intelligent film (despite some plot holes) with themes that don't always have easy answers but it's compelling just the same. It did leave me feeling uneasy as it hits close to home and could give the wrong people real ideas.

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