Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hamlet 2

Written and directed by Andrew Fleming, Hamlet 2 is this year's "Napoleon Dynamite". It is most definitely a left of center comedy with flashes of brilliance but not for everyone.

The film stars the British actor, Steve Coogan, as an American drama teacher trying to keep it together in Tucson Arizona. His life is a mess. His acting career never got off the ground, his student can't stand him, his wife has become distant, and his plays (based on movies) are a flop. Things start to change as he decides to stage his original work, Hamlet 2.

Catherine Keener co-stars as Mr. Coogan's unsupportive wife. She always shines in quirky films like this and is very well cast. David Arquette plays a man sharing their home for extra income and Amy Poehler has a very funny part as an lawyer, named coincidently, Feldstein.

Mr. Coogan is terrific in the film playing a very odd character. This is a very original story with what appears to be a logical plot that veers off in a bizarre direction. It makes a great double feature with the aforementioned, "Napoleon Dynamite".

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