Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Brothers Bloom

Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo star as con artist brothers in this low key quirky comedy. The basic idea is a familiar one, one brother wants out and the other convinces him to do one last con. Their final mark is a wealthy young woman played by Rachel Weisz. Rinko Kikuchi as co-stars as "Bang Bang", an almost silent accomplice to the brothers.

Of course things do not go as planned and Ms. Weisz becomes the most interesting character in the film. Just who is conning whom becomes the central plot, along with exploring the strained relationship between the brothers.

The film takes us on a world tour from New Jersey to Greece with many other exotic stops along the way. There is a certain charm to the story as it unfolds with a fairytale-like quality. Mr.. Ruffalo, Ms. Kikcuchi and Ms. Weisz are all fun to watch, especially Ms. Weisz, who seems to be really enjoying herself. Mr. Brody on the other hand plays his usual brooding self and is rather a bore.

The highlight of the film is the opening sequence depicting the brothers as youngsters perpetrating their first con on the neighborhood kids, narrated by Ricky Jay. I would have really enjoyed the film more if it hadn't jumped to 25 years later.

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