Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep doesn't just star in this biography of Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, she explodes. As she does with most of her film, Ms. Streep disappears so completely into her character that you forget the actress and imagine the real Mrs. Thatcher. It is a towering performance.

The film itself is interesting enough if you care at all about England during the late 70's and 80's. What will hold your attention is Mrs. Thatcher's personal history and her rise to political power which ultimately leads to England's first female Prime Minister. What makes the film so unique is the bold choice to start with Mrs. Thatcher as an old, feeble woman prone to hallucinations of her dead husband and slowly reveal her story in flashbacks. Much of the film has Ms. Streep playing the elderly version of "MT" (as her husband referred to her) and yet there are plenty of striking moments of "MT" in her prime (no pun intended).

Jim Broadbent co-stars as husband, Dennis Thatcher and there is wonderful chemistry between the two stars. A major contribution to Ms. Streep's success is the wonderful makeup that even in the many close-ups is flawless. As Margret and Dennis age, the make-up never falters and is well deserved of it's Oscar nomination.

This is a remarkable story of a woman who refused to compromise and always believed one's life must have purpose and I can't think of a better actress today than Meryl Streep who honors Mrs. Thatcher, in one more shining performance.

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