Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kill List

Looking for something completely different? The second feature from director and co-writer Ben Wheatley fits the bill and then some. What starts out as a domestic British drama cleverly slips into something much more as a former hitman takes one last job to support his wife and young son. You're probably thinking "I've seen this movie before". Nothing will prepare you for what comes next.

As Jay's money troubles mount, his former partner, Gal comes around with an offer for one last job. A mysterious man offers a huge payout for three assassinations . At this point the film's become a typical British crime thriller but with each kill, Jay's growing paranoia escalates the violence, and then the story takes a very sharp turn into "Twilight Zone" territory.

Similar to the way the Japanese thriller, "Audition" changed genres in the middle of the film, "Kill List" becomes a totally different movie in the last act and yet still links itself to everything you've just seen. Brace yourself for an unforgettable ending.

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