Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Separation

Nominated for Best Foreign Film this year, "A Separation" should be the frontrunner to win. This is an intimate story of an Iranian couple who's separation sets off a chain of complex events neither of them could possibly imagine.

What starts out as a domestic difference of opinion soon grows more intricate when Simin decides to leave her husband Nader and daughter Termeh for a better life. Nader refuses to leave the country because of his elderly and Alzheimer's stricken father and when forced to get a caretaker for the old man, the plot (as they say) thickens.

The acting is terrific, especially Peyman Moadi as Nader and Sareh Bayat as Razieh, the caretaker. The complexity of the situation they all find themselves in, is all the more fascinating because of the cultural differences of Iran's justice system. Even after revelations and resolutions, the lives of two families are forever changed and the audience is left to debate the final moments.

"A Separation" is a compelling drama worthy of your time.

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