Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fill the Void

 A story of quiet beauty that takes place in a community of Orthodox Israeli Hasidim. Written and directed by Rama Burstein, a rookie filmmaker and Orthodox Jewish women herself, "Fill the Void" tells the story of Shira, an 18 year old girl facing a difficult decision when her older sister dies in childbirth.

     It is a fascinating look into a world bound by it's own laws and traditions but involving a situation that could be found in any close community that honors family and tradition.  Difficult choices have to be made. Blessings must be given and life changing decisions are at stake.

     The cinematography draws the viewer in with tight, close shots of the actors. Hadas Yaron plays Shira and she is a natural wonder. Her widowed brother-in-law is played by Yiftach Klein and their scenes together are gentle yet powerful under the surface.

      The editing is a little sloppy at times but can be forgiven by the strength and honesty of the film. Everything feels so real you'll forget you're watching actors speaking scripted words. If you are looking for something different from the usual summer fare, immerse yourself in this universal story of the ties that bind.

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