Sunday, July 07, 2013

World War Z

The new thriller from director Marc Forster stars Brad Pitt as a former U.N. troubleshooter forced back into action to solve the zombie apocalpyse. The film opens on Mr. Pitt and his co-star, Mireille Enos as they prepare breakfast for their two daughters. It isn't long before they are stuck in traffic and then their world changes forever.

We learn very quickly that there is a zombie worldwide infestation and no one is safe. Mr. Pitt is called on to locate the source of the plague to help find answers on how to eradicate it. The film moves through various countries and stressful situations as the zombie population continues to grow. Ms. Enos, so good on the AMC show "The Killing" is forced into the sterotypic "wife left behind" role with very little to do except worry about Mr. Pitt.

Mr. Pitt is a very charismatic actor and fun to watch in this film. There are plenty of exciting sequences and those who are expecting zombies like the ones on "The Walking Dead" will be very surprised. Granted there are some dead (no pun intended) spots as well but after the alleged multiple ending rewrites, it looks like they got it right

The special effects are pretty seamless and the rest of the cast take their roles very seriously which helps to keep the tension high. While the film can be suspenseful, I never found it particularly scary, nor is it particularly gory. "The Walking Dead is far more liberal with blood and guts.

The film is playing both in 2-D and 3-D. I don't think paying extra for 3-D will make much of a difference. I saw it in 2-D and found it a perfectly acceptable viewing experience.

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