Wednesday, July 03, 2013

White House Down

First Hollywood gave us "Olympus has Fallen" (and couldn't get up) and now thinking, a bigger director and more bankable stars, lets do it again and this time it will work. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. This is the biggest White House disaster since Gerald Ford (ok that was a cheap shot but you get my point).

The fim stars Channing Tatum as a wannabe secret service agent and Jamie Foxx as the President of The United States. When the "bad guys" storm the White House (pretty easily I might add), Mr. Tatum springs into action protecting the President along with his "too adorable and smart for her own good", daughter. An early plot point convieniently puts them both inside the White House at the time it's invaded

Mr. Tatum has his legion of fans and is growing into a fine action hero but here he is just doing his impression of Bruce Willis in "Die Hard". Mr. Foxx, while a credible actor, here plays a very uncredible President. Maggie Gyllenhaal has the female lead but her character is poorly written (as are most of the characters). Jason Clarke, fresh off "Zero Dark thirty", plays the heavy in a very stereotypic role. The one actor worth watching is the always reliable JamesWoods, who plays an important part in the film. Nice to have you back, Mr. Woods. Watching you chew up the scenery was my favorite part of the film.

The film is directd by this century's Irwin Allen, Roland Emmerich who has a great track record for high concept disaster films. Here he falls as flat as his actors with poor effects and wooden acting. He even has a character name check his best effort just to remind the audience how exciting he can be (unfortunately not here).

"White House Down", regardless of the administration, doesn't get my vote.

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