Sunday, February 22, 2015

Two Days, One Night

           This is a polarizing film as you either are absorbed by the simplicity of the story or you are bored to tears. Either way, one thing all can agree on is that Marion Cotillard shines in this working class drama.

           The Dardenne Brothers have written and directed a fascinating story of a woman faced with an unenviable problem. The factory where she works has seventeen workers and its been decided by management and a vote by all that she will be laid off or no one will get their annual bonus.  Ms. Cotillard convinces her boss to do another ballot unbiased by the supervisor.  She has the weekend to visit each co-worker individually to get them to vote for her to keep her job.

               The film is fascinating in it's  simplicity. Each visit is a microcosm of emotion and politics.  It is a film devoid of sex, violence or big action scenes. It resonates in the nuanced little moments of each visit. It is also a very realistic story that stays true to itself to the very end.

                Ms. Cotillard carries the film on her back and her performance justifies her Oscar nomination for Best Actress. She inhabits her role like a second skin without a false note and as with most of her films, she is just a pleasure to watch.

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