Thursday, May 29, 2008


The latest film from writer/director David Mamet has him returning to the world he loves best...doubling dealing and the art of the con, this time set in the world of Martial Arts. I believe I read somewhere that Mr. Mamet practices Martial Arts and so it was only a matter of time, he explored that world in one of his films.

Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Mike Terry, A Jiu-Jitsu instructor who is struggling to keep his school up and running. An accident on a rainy night puts into motion a series of events that drastically alter his life , forcing him to compete professionally for the first time.

While the background is Martial Arts, the real story is typical "Mamet". An innocent finds himself thrust into a wolf's den of con artists, double crossers, and everyone on the make for something. The supporting cast features many of Mr. Mamet's regulars including Ricky Jay, Joe Mantenga, David Paymer, J.J. Johnston, and of course his wife, Rebbeca Pidgeon. The film also stars Emily Mortimer, Tim Allen, and Alice Braga. It's a great cast doing what they do best, interpreting Mamet's rhythms and dialog.

"Despite a rather abrupt ending (that does manage to satisfy to some degree), the film didn't get it's just due for a theatrical run and will probably be out on DVD soon. If you are a Mamet fan, don't miss it.

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